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  • 2015-12-10 14:35

Pantheon Wild's End Teaser

"This mist-laden land endures as an untamed soul, once neglected in fear by the Humans as ‘the Dead Foot’. Abandoned in the fading night of the Deicide War, Wild’s End hosted a final salvo of skirmishes between the Revenant, the Sacred and the Withered. Who are the Withered, you ask? Perhaps it is discovery you seek, rather than mere words. For in Wild’s End, the present perils are of ancient origin, while the scale of vegetation and wildlife reduces even giants to specks of flesh. Yet from this small perspective, the abundant rebirth of the landscape even further mesmerizes the beholder. From the maze of the Grovegrass, to the Tower Oaks of Sorhiryth... even the insects that swarm about in between are exaggerated hulks. This land was a fitting beast to acquire the Halflings, with their familial culture and accord with nature. Wild’s End, a land no other people found suitable, was the perfect home to a people who could suit any land."