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  • 2021-06-30 00:07

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen June 2021 Development Update Producer's Letter Breakdown

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen the upcoming MMORPG for classic spirited MMO fans has released their June 2021 Development Update via the Producer's Letter by Chris Joppa Perkins .. Today I am going to break down all the happenings and news from the letter and walk you through everything said with some extra context. Pantheon Rise of the Fallen is a very special world being made by Visionary Realms that brings back the old school spirit of MMOs of yesteryear - EverQuest fans rejoice as the groundwork for this MMORPG was laid out by the one and only, legendary Brad McQuaid. So sit back, relax, and get the latest news about Pantheon Rise of the Fallen right here on the Nathan NAPALM Channel !! Enjoy!