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  • 2022-02-19 17:31

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen : The Ghaldassii Ruins

the Ghaldassi Ruins which is an area of the Wild's End in Pantheon Rise of the Fallen, an MMORPG in development by Visionary Realms that is creating a world that will be full of flavor when exploring it's world. Each area is handcrafted to entice you to explore. The amount of work they have gotten done in a short time since they have shown us the greybox version of this area is staggering. PreAlpha in which Minus says we will be exploring this area is coming soon, and if you are interested in diving in to the upcoming PreAlpha sessions which they promise will be long and running in the HDRP client, head over to the and pledge a package that gets you in! Pantheon Rise of the Fallen is a crowd-funded MMO that depends on our pledges to grow it's team and get us to launch. Out of all the MMOs in development, Pantheon Rise of the Fallen is the one that is bringing back the classically spirited feelings you have had in the past while modernizing it with quality of life that will bring it completely alive.