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  • 2021-03-06 21:21

Pantheon MMO NAPALM Plays the Dire Lord for 3 Hours Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage Exclusive DeViare

The Nathan NAPALM plays through the Evaluation Build as the Dire Lord in Pantheon Rise of the Fallen the upcoming MMORPG from Visionary Realms ! Join me as I explore PreAlpha Castle DeViare which is content designed for interested investors to get a scope of Pantheon MMO in one vertical slice. From questing to perception to group play to the mastery system. The great folks at Visionary Realms gave the Napalm ( Dire Lord ), BazgrimTV ( Shaman ), Minus ( Rogue ) and Therek ( Wizard ) of Pantheon Plus full access to the Evaluation Build and even tuned up the difficulty for group play as we explore the mysterious caves underneath of the castle. We even made time to explore some unseen areas of the cave and found a secret boss. The immersion we felt, the group mechanics, the memories we made, it was everything I hope Pantheon Rise of the Fallen will be in an MMORPG at launch. We also discussed various topics with the developers Joppa Chris Perkins, Ben Dean and had Roenick in the party with us. I hope you enjoy our gameplay session and don't forget to go see the other perspectives as each of us had our own unique solo questing adventure at the start of Castle DeViare and explored on our own before braving the depths of the dungeon together.