Plus Guild Application

The Pantheon Plus Guild will strive to be a community leader in Pantheon Rise of the Fallen. We will have a strong presence on the server not in world firsts but rather in the way we interact with our MMORPG brethren and seeing what the entire game has to offer. We are interested in making memories, seeing everything, but not rushing there as fast as possible. If you are interested in joining our merry band of adventures type #Communitymatters below and fill out your application. Thank You!
Character name
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How did you hear about the Plus guild? Why do you want to join?
Are you interested in a leadership role in the Plus Guild?

Discord#ID (required for raiding) or other way to get a hold of you.
I Understand that the Plus Guild

Are you interested in raiding? (not required)

Raid times are tentatively 9 PM EST to 12 AM EST Eastern. We will pick raid days as we get closer to raiding. Do you anticipate that time frame working for you?

Please read the application carefully !
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