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  • 2020-10-31 00:33

September 29th 2020 Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Patch Notes

Disclaimer #1. Nothing new here. Just relaying the audio notes from the recent Dev stream video

Disclaimer #2. These are not all the patch notes, just some of what the VR Team considered interesting for us.

Disclaimer #3. This blog is neither associated with, nor employed by, Visionary Realms.

Rogue and Wizard classes back online and were premiered during the first session of PA5.

Lot of work done on the mastery system and mastery upgrades.  Also tested in PA5.

Lots of good feedback from PA5.  It has been very affirming to see the game coming along and experienced by real players.  The feedback has been very positive. 

Continued content development for the Faerthale Zone which will be brought online for testers very soon. 

Started the initial development and concept art process for another King’s Reach zone which is called Eastern Plains (that is the name for now).

Massive build level optimizations this month.  Reduced the client build size by 79.5%.  Also reduced the runtime memory usage of the client by 21.8%

Able to get Unitask online for Async code.  Which has made the programmers very happy.

Jimmy Tourke (Senior Environmental Artist) has done a considerable amount of work with the Houdini integration.

Improved rapid melee combat animations.

Lots of fixes and improvements to the general ability system from feedback from PA5.

Finished initial refactor on merchants and player trading.  Merchants and trading have had significant upgrades and will be online for next PA5 session.


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  • 2020-10-31 12:33

All the notes, without the rap! Love it. Good work Draq :)