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  • 2021-03-30 15:29

Who Are Todays Rankers?

  Draq Attack

Creator of #PlusProfiles, Social Media Maniac, EQ Vet, and Obsessed with everything Pantheon Rise of the Fallen.  Draq loves ranking things because he has an opinion on everything!

  J.J. Piedra

I'm JJ... been playing games for my entire life. Played a few MMOs like EverQuest, FF11, WoW, Bless and Aion. Despite loving RPGs, my favorite gaming franchise is Mega Man. As of the time of this post, I am 1 game away from owning every single U.S. released Mega Man game! Brad McQuaid was one of my biggest inspirations in gaming next to Nolan Bushnell and Shigeru Miyamoto. Because of them, I also hold a Bachelor's Degree in Game Design. When I'm not gaming, I love watching anime and writing books based on anime (light novels).

 Mayeia, She of the Crafted Heart <3

Gamer of the ages, EverQuest and several randoms in between. I've played a smattering of this and a smidge of that but somehow I seem to have missed many games that others think are a "given". Don't worry folks, I am working my way through a few other games that are regarding as the typical MMOs that I hadn't tried before. Now... onto the topic at hand!

#5 Pantheon Easter Egg

Don't Kill The Chicken

Somewhere in a small human city there needs to be a pet chicken named Sky that if you attack makes all the towns people aggro to you.  This is of course a no so subtle nod to Skyrim where if you kill the chicken the whole town attacks you.  I personally think Pantheon should continue the tradition of protecting these "fowl" creatures.  

  Fourth Wall

A way off the beaten path NPC named Enalcam that has a hidden quest. She talks about how in a certain area, she has always felt the cold stare from a source that feels beyond comprehension and reality. She asks you if you would be willing to investigate. You are sent to an area where there are five massive wooden walls that have been erected without rhyme or reason. Tacked to the fourth wall is a note that instructs the player to turn and wave to the Chimera which conveniently spawns once the note is written. Waving at the chimera will engage it in battle. Upon defeat, it will drop an item called a "Curious Looking Lens." It has no stats but contains the flavor text "You feel the presence of something unfamiliar gazing at you from the other side. Give the lens to Enalcam who will remark "Annie would love this but... I feel how you obtained this is too dangerous. Perhaps if I find a way to break the source... OH! Sorry, I was just thinking out loud. Thank you for your deeds, hero!" Enalcam would be a reference to Mary MacLane who is believed to be the first person to ever break the fourth wall (the number of the wall you found the note one.. thus asking you to wave to the camera (chimera). The Annie that Enalcam is referring to is the movie Annie Hall who starred Woody Allen who was also famous for breaking the fourth wall. Of course, the lens dropped by the chimera references the player looking through their monitor at the game.


I’m not sure if this would be considered appropriate, per se but I feel there should at least be a nod to Xegony, the Goddess from Plane of Air. Massively tall as she was, my guild and our server always referred to her as having the “original booby taunt” as she leered over us with her breasts swaying and trying to seduce the males. Did it work? Some say it did even if it was out of pure curiosity. Perhaps it was that see-through dress that she wore while standing above everyone in the raid. I remember joking in our raid, saying something like ‘now we all know who the women irl are. They’re the ones only commenting on how unrealistic she looked. Meanwhile, the guys were all talking about her boobs. Keep in mind that this was all back before we had voice chat of any sort. No Discord or TeamSpeak or even Ventrillo ;)

#4 Pantheon Easter Egg

  Cow Level

Outside a town there is a herd of black and white cows.  If you click on them 100 times it creates a portal to a cow only area where many cows are instantly aggro to you.  The cows should be max level and hit hard.  If you are able to vanquish the the cows you find a treasure that drops a demon statue that can be turned in for a "Diablo Statue" that is a caster off hand item.  You also get the "There is no Cow Level" title.  If you don't know what I'm talking about go to youtube and search Diablo and Cow Level.  

  Nag a Ram

You receive a Perception ping saying that you can sense the cries from a nearby farm. You go to investigate when you come across a ram that is stubborn and doesn't want to move. The farmer, named Graham, asks you to nag the ram until it moves back into its pen. After nagging the ram several times and returning it back to its pen, Graham asks you to go see his daughter Anna who gives you your quest reward. This is a reference to the Google search for anagram which says "did you mean nag a ram?"
An old reference but a solid one, if you’ve ever played EverQuest is that of the Sleeper’s Tomb. It was the thing that once completed on that server, there was no going back. On every server when The Sleeper was awakened there was both the cry of agony of the age now past for that server, as well as the cheer for no longer needing the key to get into the Sleeper’s Tomb. The lore goes something like this (thank you Kerafyrm's Lair, formerly known as Sleeper's Tomb, is a dark dungeon located beneath the icy wastes of Velious, and was used by the First Brood to imprison the dragon Kerafym. Eras ago, there was no such thing as the Claws of Veeshan or Ring of Scale -- dragons from all over Norrath were a part of the same faction. At some point, two dragons of different color decided to mate. Resulting from this union were Kerafyrm, a baby crystal dragon and an ensuing war amongst the dragons. In a successful effort to end the war, the First Brood imprisoned Kerafyrm in a tomb deep beneath the wastes of Velious. Leaving four warders in place to guard the now-dormant crystal dragon. Jaled'Dar, a rebel dragon amongst the Claws of Veeshan, wanted to bring the Golden Age back to Norrath and decided that The Sleeper had to be awakened. He, however, was slain in a great battle with the iksars and now rests in his spirit form in Dragon Necropolis. Due to his death, he needed to enlist the aid of Norrathian adventurers to further his cause. In due time, Kerafyrm was indeed awakened, and went on a rampage from his tomb, through the icy wastes, and into Skyshrine. (Quite a lot of time passed before he resurfaced in Crystallos.) With the warders slain and Kerafyrm free, this historic tomb is now home to a group of ancient dragons: Zeixshi`Kar, Vyskudra, Tjudawos, and Kildrukaun.

#3 Pantheon Easter Egg

In the land of Norrath (Everquest) Qeynos is a landmark city.  Qeynos got it's name from some developer thinking it would be funny to spell SonyEQ backwards.  I think Pantheon needs to rename some kind of town backwards.  Doesn't have to be big city or anything but I think it would be fun easter egg that would be appropriate.  Don't you think Noehtnap is a great city name?
An off-the-beaten path item somewhere deep in the forests of Oldwood/Faerthale that is far FAR away from any bind point. There, you will find a literal basket of Easter Eggs with a label on it caller "Roenick's Eggs." The basket is clickable but if you collect it, it explodes and you die. Enjoy your corpse run.
The ever famous Fippy Darkpaw once said… “You’ve ruined your lands, you’ll not ruin mine.” In this case, we could go either with another Fippy, or as a lighter suggestion, just the phrase that he says. Perhaps a delicately faction balanced guard, as an uncommon random spawn (any town or outpost) NPC will use the phrase. For those of us with a low level character, seeing those words were a warning to run as fast as you can to a guard. Once he was killed however, the zonewide message would go out; “BBBBAAAARRRKKKK!!!!! You humans will pay for ruining our homeland! GRRRRRR!! Family Darkpaw of the Sabretooth Clan will slay you all!! BARK!”

#2 Pantheon Easter Egg

Wow raiding is hardcore.  Some people took it a little too hardcore.  Someone recorded the vent conversation of one such guild leader which is the now famous Onyxia Wipe.  It was later made into an animation that is epic.  Pantheon shouldn't pass up this opportunity to take a jab at WOW.  In one of the major cities have an artist named Onyxia go around painting dots, whelps, and -50dkp on different walls within the city.   He could also randomly curse at nearby NPCs saying HANDLE IT!
  Perkins the Bean Counter
An NPC inside of a bank named Perkins. If you talk to him he simply says "I'm growing tired of being a bean counter. Maybe one day I'll go on an adventure. Oh well, it's nice to dream. Until then, onward and upward."
 Niami DenMother
Niami DenMother (EQ, EQII) In a hair’s breadth from Brad’s #1 spot, I choose the Crafting Goddess and wielder of the Rolling Pin of Doom from the EverQuest and EverQuest II games, Niami DenMother. She of her Halas Meat Pies and so many other Niami like foods, drinks, potions, cloth armors, and such, has always been an inspiration to me. I call her a friend in real life and even aside from that, I’ve always loved the way she embraces the world and worlds surrounding Norrath. Niami is a halfling who loves her baking and brews, but can put her tools aside for some fireplace chat with anyone who has questions. My preference would be to see that somewhere, her Rolling Pin of Doom is shown. A banner over the provisioning guild perhaps, or maybe the sign hanging over a merchant’s food shops showing the rolling pin would be a nod, without the obviousness. If you never played EQ or EQII, you may not get the reference but those of us who have… ;)

#1 Pantheon Easter Egg

  The Cake Is A Lie

A gnome quest that promises cake as a reward provides you with a portal making wand that launches you through several puzzle solving/jumping/climbing rooms.  Once you solve all the rooms of course the boss GLaDOS tries to kill you.  The cake was always a lie ... you should have known that.

 The Immortal Object

Since I am an anime fan, I have to go with this one. A Dire Lord faction called Knights of the Blood. If you, as a Dire Lord, raise your faction with them to max, you receive a one-handed sword called The Immortal Object. This would be a reference to Sword Art Online's main protagonist, Kayaba Akihiko who's in-game avatar was Heathcliff, leader of the Knights of the Blood guild and he, himself, was an immortal object since he was using a super admin account
Brad McQuaid (EQ, EQII, Vanguard: Sage of Heroes) I think we can all agree that we want to see some sort of Brad McQuaid homage. In which way, we all differ. I know that while we all want to see Brad's likeness in an in game item, statue or otherwise, I just have to put him in this list as #1. There is no other choice that so many players feel so strongly about. The primary reason for me is simple. When I was looking for a new game to play and Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen caught my eye, I almost kept looking. I almost kept looking in fact, until I saw that this was something that Mr. McQuaid had worked on this MMORPG himself. No disrespect to any of the other members of VR intended, but it was Brad's name, reputation and my love of his visions for EverQuest that kept my eye and drew me in further.
  Draq Attack
I'm the guy that never sees Easter Eggs in movies or video games until you point them out to me.  Just once I'd like to see an Easter Egg for myself.  If Pantheon uses one of my Easter Eggs I'll at least have a 50/50 chance of making that happen.  Even if they don't use mine, I'd love it if VR puts some cool Easter Eggs in Pantheon Rise of the Fallen.  I think it adds some humor and depth and is perfect for the MMORPG genre.
 J.J. Piedra
This was fun. I tried to think of a few Pantheon specific ones as well as some that were a bit more thought out. I tried to avoid most of the super pop culture references (because we all expect some elf out in the world to be named Legolas or something). Hopefully you enjoyed them!
 Mayeia, She of the Crafted Heart <3
I am horrible at not seeing what is sometimes the obvious and right in front of me. I had to do some research for some of these answers as I'm sure that you can tell. I have not been the lore keeper of my guilds, nor among my friends. I can say though, that if it had to do with crafting/tradeskilling, I could tell you almost anything or at least know where to go to find the answer. Please forgive my depth of such lore or reasons the NPCs did what they did. I read a fair bit for these details. I will say however that the ideas for the eggs here, were ones that I thought of. I just needed a little more background before I'd suggest such ideas.

What are the TOP 5 Easter Eggs You'd Like to See in Pantheon Rise of the Fallen. Let us know in the comments!

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  • 8 days ago (Fri 02 19:03)

Since we know Joppa is a big fan of the Legend of Zelda games, I would be shocked if there wasn’t a shopkeeper, guild master, or trainer that offers you a piece of equipment and says, “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.” 

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  • 11 days ago (Tue 30 17:25)

There is a field on Reignfall where Ogres were decimated by one of their own. It is said in the lore the dead bodies were permanently fixated in the ground. One needs to give a ping being the body of Roenick.