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  • 2022-07-26 14:25

Before I post this chapter, I would like to thank the Pantheon Plus Rewind hosts for shining the light on the importance of lore to this game and trying to encourage others to get into it as well.

However, I would like to defend my record in regards to the status of Queen Amenthiel and any relations she may have had with that man, E'mani Karos.  It has come to my attention that on a previous Rewind video, it may have been assumed I believed in the affair between Karos and Amenthiel who, at the time, would still have been a married woman.  I have no proof of any affairs between the Queen of Men and E'mani Karos, hero of Thronefast.  I simply point out that people talk.  People want to know.  The facts are that Karos fled for his life in the middle of the night after being branded a traitor and we still do not have any public details of the charges.  That's probably just a coincidence, though. The fact that E'mani still maintains a kindled flame of love in his life and Amenthiel, the one who called for his arrest, is still a bitter widow several years after her husband died at Azeris also is just a coincidence.

As for my stance, Karos became aware of a dirty little secret and had to be silenced since he was just too honorable to keep silent himself.  Want to know why now his forces at Black Rose Keep are such a stalwart enemy of Thronefast nobility and the Queen?  Read below to find out...

Amensol's Focus: A New Strategy (Ch. 10)