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  • 2021-11-14 06:12

Dear Journal,

This next page is, as the whole of these journal pages are, unfortunately; Damaged.

“[date obscured]

Today word came via herald – one from the South, this time – that soldiers from the Guardian North are marching on the West. I can scarcely believe it. Our own people, willing to put their charge aside to harm a fellow Elf. We have dominated this planet for thousands of years. We have worked together through thick and thin, only now to bow to political mishandling (as an understatement!) and shed our family's blood? No. No, I will not have it. This is an unforgivable betrayal. Any Elf who takes up arms against another Elf must be shoved in a hole and not let out until they're pale, skeletal, and repentant. First they accuse the West of thievery, and now they attack?

Preserve me, it's an evil thought, but I would have the demons the North guards against teach them a damn good lesson. It would force the North back to their home, and better, give them something to keep busy with.

...Holli kicks so strongly, now. I don't think he likes it when I am vengeful. Any time I let the ugliness of a world of pestilence get to me, little Holli reminds me to think on better times, to the future, where he and I will be able to speak and I can teach him all about the world and the joys of existing, rather than simply getting caught up in a hiccough of Elven history and getting kicked for it. At least, I hope he's quit his kicking habit by then; Elven puberty is a long, arduous process potentially made far worse by the inclusion of feet flying when he's upset.

But, I am getting carried away. Hollister will be a gentleman wizard, and will do our family proud.”

She learns more on this page,

“[date obscured]

The demons are loose. I can scarce believe I sit here to say this, and I have no idea what it means for the future of our people. And, not only are they loose, but the North has banded with them that they might use their superiority in physique and armament to... well, I don't know what they plan on doing. Taking the West's food and going back home? Sending demonic forces to raze the South, too?

And what then? Do they hope the crops will tend to and harvest themselves? This is a stupid, selfish, evil thing the North is doing. This is the end of the Elves. We will all perish and the demons will turn on the North and it would be genocide. That's what this is. Self-genocide. The end of us all.

Hollister yet reminds me that there is new life in the womb, literally. We must persevere as a broken people, that Hollister might one day be old enough to have a journal of his own and get upset at all the injustice in the world, both great and small. I will teach the child how to write at the earliest glimmer of interest. I will teach him all the things he needs for a happy life.

I will teach him never to give quarter to devils.

When we find that those we once held dear have broken trust and broken bread with our once common foe, who and what devils are becomes apparent.

I am sorry, Holli. But, I will not let those devils hurt you. Any of them.”

I am enamored with how great-grandmother's optimist face changed to that of a staunch defender when the threat from the North became real and apparent. That her blood yet flows in my veins is something I can be proud of, and something I can boast about to any who would listen. I wonder what curiosities these archival pages yet hold, that reflect on the good nature of the Thinnas line. At this point in the night, though, the archivists are casting side glances at me as they pass, and – ah, I have just been reminded that closing time is near. I fear I shall have to leave 'til another day.

Until that time, I remain,

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