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  • 2021-11-18 20:30

This article spawned from VR's recent tweet about Money Making Schemes.  And since I love money making schemes I couldn't just limit it to one tweet!

#5.  Going Postal (EQ TLP)

Little less than a year ago Everquest launched it's newest TLP servers Thornblade and Micheif.  On launch day I created a second account on a second computer which I was using to get our group gold while we made our mad dash to 50 #NoSleepTill50.  While not particularly out of the box (lots of other people were doing it) I did manage to snag about 10p by doing the postal delievery quest from the erudite city to Qeynos before the Darkpaw Devs shut it off and killed the quest turn in mob so it was disabled!  In shout chat a GM said  "There was no more mail to be delievered" ... hahahahahahhahahaha.

#4.  GW2 Seasoned Wood Logs

By the time GW2 had rolled around I was VERY good at making money in MMORPGs.  One of things I noticed was that inititally in MMORPGs as people were getting to max level the crafting materials weren't worth very much because everyone was gathering and not as many people were crafting.  As people began to hit max level though, I knew they would want to craft.  I also knew that they wouldn't want to go back into the mid level zones and gather (laziness).  So before the majority of people hit max level for the first time, I bought every seasoned log (teir 3 crafting item) I could get my hands on for 1 cp each.  I bought 10s of thousands of seasoned logs.  I filled every slot on every character and every bank with seasoned logs.  About 3 months into the game seasoned logs jumped up to over 1 gold each.  I sold them all and had more money (at the time) than I could ever spend.  

#3.  New World Eggs

I love the NW trading post and economy and I'm so sad that it's so broken and people are duping items and manipulating it.  But BEFORE all that nonsense happened I was making TONS of gold by working the egg market.  Eggs were an uncommon drop off of Turkeys in NW.  The thing was there was tons of things eggs were used in cooking and they didn't drop enough so it was frustrating to get enough for you to use.  So people were willing to pay for eggs.  They were willing to pay alot.  Enter myself who constantly bought out ALL the eggs on the market and raised the price so I would make huge profits.  I made so much money with eggs I had 3 houses and gave away probably 10k in money and still had more money than I needed.  So NW will forever fondly be remembered by me as the egg market game ;).

#2.  Stein of Moggok - EQ (back in the day)

I remember very clearly my very first time seeing a stein of moggok.  I was traveling to Freeport from Greater Faydark.   I was running down the road and I ran past one of my guildmates and he had this wierd white stein in his hands.  I had never seen that graphic before.  Being a fellow enchanter I asked him where did you get that?  Since there wasn't even a guide out yet (that I knew of) for how to complete the quest he very paitently told me each step of the quest.  I would go complete it and then do the next part and so on.  I completed what I'm sure took him probably days to weeks to figure out in a matter of about 3 hours.  But then I noticed something very interesting .... it was lore but it wasn't no drop.  So I could SELL this thing and keep repeating the quest and selling it again.  And so I became the first person that I knew of on my server to begin selling steins.  5000 gold a pop which was a TON of money.  I got my druid friend into helping me with ports and I had that quest down to about 45 minutes from start to finish.  I sold about 15 steins in the next month before word got out and the market dried up and they were going for 50 gold each, but I was a very rich enchanter at that point.  

#1.  Gahz'ranka - Tome of Polymorph Turtle - Wow

I can't remember if it was Pandaria or Cata that we did this but the Tome of Polymorph was my all time greatest money making moment.  In classic wow there was an old raid that allowed you to spawn a three headed dragon called Gahz'ranka.  As wow expantions came out power creep set in and these old raids became worthless because any of the gear that you got couldn't even remotely match common gear you'd get form the new expantions as you leveled.  BUT this three headed dragon not only dropped gear he dropped the Tome of Polymorph Turtle.  The Tomb of Polymorph allowed mages (the most popular class at the time) to change their turn something into a sheep spell (CC) to turn something into a turtle instead.  Same spell just different and unique graphic.  People wanted that graphic BADLEY, but no one was selling it.  So we figured out that we could 3 man the raid boss and with a 20% chance to get the drop and being able to do it three times a week we started cranking out tomes.

We sold them for 50,000 gold each.  That was a INSANE amount of gold.  It was the highest item on the AH by a mile.  People still bought them.  We couldn't even keep up with the demand.  We had so much money we maxed out gold for all of our characters.  We even created our own guild so we could store more money in the guild bank.  Eventually the market adjusted and people figured out what we were doing and copied it but not before we were just rolling in money.  

Thank you VR for asking this question and Cryptfox for taggin me in and and inspiring me to write this article.  It was a lot of fun to go back and stroll down memory lane.  

Can't wait to make money in Pantheon!