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  • 2021-04-02 17:33

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Behind the Design - Balance & Progression

Disclaimer #1. Nothing new here. Just relaying the audio notes from the recent Dev stream video

Disclaimer #2. These are not all the patch notes, just some of what the VR Team considered interesting for us.

Disclaimer #3. This blog is neither associated with, nor employed by, Visionary Realms.

Stream Recap

In this stream the focus is in Saicred and how he designs and balances classes.  His process for things when he looks at tuning skills and looking at statistics for both players and NPCs that he gets from pre alpha testing.  

2:15 - Machail announces another pre alpha test April 10 - 11th

9:30 - Saicred comments about how he's balancing for both the veteran MMO player and the new MMO player.

10:40 - Sacired describes how the world is created first and then the classes are given tools to survive in that world.

12:55 - Joppa re-emphasizes that challenge is a pillar of the game.

13:35 - Saicred discusses the health and mana changes and balancing to Pantheon Rise of the Fallen.

17:19 - Saicred discusses how the dps of classes and the loot table of mobs have been balanced and changed.

18:10 - Saicred comments how VR is designing loot tables now from an alpha mindset instead of a pre alpha mindset.

20:20 - Saicred comments about how mobs are being tuned up in difficultly

22:00 - Saicred discusses what classes VR is working on and what changes they have been making with classes.

22:31 - Joppa announces Dire Lord, Shaman, Rogue, Wizard, and Enchanter will be in the next PA session.  Those are the "foundation" classes and other classes are built on the back of them.

23:18 - Joppa announces that the Monk, Ranger, and Summoner (in that order) will be the next classes released for playing.

33:00 - Patch Notes 

  • Fixed the shield bone mask for casting animations
  • Massively huge server preformance gains from spawn system optimizations and memory use reductions
  • Massive RPC improvements 
  • Animator calling updates
  • Optimized light calling
  • Optimized action animations
  • Several fixes to equipment rendering
  • Massive client optimizations relating to inventory modifications as well as crafting and vendors
  • Fixes to world item responsiveness 
  • Fix for a bug that let you loot extra world items if you spam clicked
  • Fix for items overflowing in the crafting UI
  • Item buffs now re apply on resurrection 
  • Font rendering improvements 
  • Improved character ground snaping at high movement speeds
  • Improved Climbing hit detection, fixed transitions between moving, climbing, and hanging.
  • Fixed several issues with world items becoming unclickable when moving between zones that have large differences in networking time
  • Massive work on the terrain tech
  • Elkhorn and Burchtree tree variations come online (Jimmy)
  • Patch Notes are not full ... only highlights

36:20 - QA Starts

36:30 - Question - Are classes designed to fill 3 combat roles?  Joppa - classes have primary roles that flex into secondary roles.  When they flex into secondary role they "lose" thier primary rogue.  Classes with have a primary and a flex (not 3 roles).  VR Values class identity. Flexing will 

42:00 - Does balance mean that each class should perform equally well in the same encounter or zone?  Or will some perform beform better in different situations?  Saicred classes may excel in some situtations and be less effective in other situations.  Gear and abilities also play a part.  Some classes will be weak and strong in certain areas.

45:25 - When designing and balancing content within Pantheon do you consider the bards and necromancer's abilities? Do you consider how those classes will effect the content you've created so far?  Joppa - Yes we do and that will be more clear as we get further along.

48:30 - Is it true that Saicred hums the tune for Green Acres while he works and does overalls during the company meeting while he chewing on a hay seed? No Comment

48:51 - What escape mechanisims are intended for when you realize you are in over your head or you happen upon the tall grass and find vicious snakes you couldn't see?  Saicred - it depends on your class and what you've found in the world that's availible to you.  

50:20 - Will all classes in Pantheon be able to aquire the non combat skills, spells, or roles? For instance will a non rogue be able to pick or detect traps/locks?  Joppa - Difficult to say overall.  Using locks rogues would be the master of mechanical locks and wizards would be the master of magical locks.  No not all classes will get all non combat skills. 

51:52 - How are you favoring verticle progression verses horizontal progression?  Saicred - there are simple formulas to progress vertically.  Gaining gear and mastery points is horizontal progression.  You also may have to spend time to collect gear to overcome the climate (horizontal progression). 

54:12 - You and your friends hit level 50 finally.   What are the things to do next when you log in?  Joppa - Once you hit level 50 you no longer level up.  You can do gear and mastery progression still.  The two things that are most exciting to me right now are night time and underwater.  Night time in Pantheon both lore wise and gameplay experience will be completely different.  There will be a night time experience.  You'll want to go back to all the zones and experience the zone at night.  The same with underwater.  Underwater will be a murky expansive abyss.  Lots to explore underwater and at night.

What did you think of this Dev Stream?  Does this make you more excited for Pantheon Rise of the Fallen?  Please leave your comments below!


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  • 2021-04-07 21:09

Yes, thanks Draq.  Nice format. Easy to search for info looking back.

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  • 2021-04-03 14:50

This is awesome Draq! This can really help people catch up on news. I love this!