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  • 2020-10-31 00:54

/ooc prologue - We all find ourselves waiting for Patheon Rise of the Fallen to launch and looking for other things to do.  I got invited to a Patherfinder RPG group.  I accepted admitting I was a newb and I had never done this before.  So far with a character creation session and one adventure session under my belt it has been VERY fun.  I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it ;).  

A Dwarven Fire Wizard Appears

I wanted to tell my story.  Not out of vain ego or even a sense of legacy, but more as a teaching instrument for Wizards to follow.  I am extremely dedicated to the furtherance of the magic arts and lore of our time.  I encourage you not to marvel at my spell expertise or wizarding prowess but rather focus in on the methods and strategies I used to overcome insurmountable odds.  All accounts are strictly FACT with zero embellishment or bar room fantasy element.  I take my archiving VERY seriously.

I am Draq.  You may have heard of me as the Draq the Red, Draq the Arch Wizard, or Draq the Short Wizard of Breachill.  I personally hate the last one, but the citizens of Breachill won’t let it go, so I guess fame has it’s price.  I didn’t start out as a powerful Arch Wizard but rather as curious spell researcher.  That is actually how I first happened upon Breachill.

I was searching for a spell to summon a pillow for my long journeys.  I just can’t stand sleeping on my back back or balling up a blanket.  It just gives my sleep a restless sort of feeling.  It made me feel like some sort of undead creature that was simply plodding forth in life.  Anyway, I had heard that Breachill archives contained such a spell so I made my way there.

After searching ALL MORNING for such a spell, I was convinced that it didn’t exist.  Just as I was about to write this town off and never come back, the bells rang for a town meeting.  As an archiver and recorder of history, I thought it might be prudent for me to drop in on this meeting.  So I made my way to the front doors of the town hall. 

Outside the front doors were to rude guards that refused to let me in early, even though I explained who I was and what I was trying to do.  I wonder if they often reget this action. I mean to have refused an action by the Draq in Breachill is almost treason at this point.  Once my statue was erected next to the town’s founder Lamond Breachton in the monument circle, I’m sure they must have felt some kind of remorse.  Alas, I want everyone to know that I hold them no ill will in my heart and no one should seek retribution on my behalf.    

At the front door as well were the famous Elf Twins of Breachill.  You may know them as brother and sister.  I did not know them at the time, but we exchanged knowing glances that heroes sometimes do.  This was also my first interaction with the annoying bard and future adventuring friend Robin Treehugger.  He of course took the opportunity to mock me.  I was about to light his face on fire with a fireball when the town hall doors finally opened, and we all went in. 

I of course sat in the front so I could have the most room to document and record the happens of this town meeting.  Unfortunately, Robin the Bard sat behind me, constantly being irritating, fidgety, and distracting. 

The meeting opened with a well-dressed goblin woman named Mrs. Warble got up and addressed the crowd about how she had not been able to contact the Brumblebashers goblins of Hellknight Hill for over a month now and in addition there was red smoke coming from that area.  Red smoke of course being a signal for help. 

Just as Mrs. Warble was about to do into the details, a young child entered the room and begin to shout FIRE and that everyone should run!  Billowing black smoke and flames followed him into the room.  After a few seconds a Mephite (later to be found out specifically a fire Mephite) flew quickly in the room and began threatening one of the town councilors.  I of course had no intention of running and sprang into action

I quickly surmised that my normal burn them to a crisp strategy wouldn’t work in this situation.  Clearly the creature had either produced or started the fire.  And even though it was not encased in fire, for all I knew my fire spells might even heal the infernal creature. 

So instead of destroying the creature, I attempted to control it so others could dispatch it easily.  As more brawny adventures began moving in to melee the creature I cast Daze on the Fire Mephite.  Being as mental prowess is almost as powerful as my magical abilities the Fire Mephite Immediately was stunned and could do nothing. 

Unfortunately for me neither Brother or Sister could actually hit the stunned Mephite, nor the crazy bard who almost tagged me in the back with an arrow.  So, to make it easier for them I cast tanglefoot on the Mephite.  This worked amazingly limiting the Mephites movement and after I landed my second one it even stopped flying. 

It should also be noted that during this time the town council leaders began evacuating the people in the meeting.  Also, I noticed an adventurer cleric Aeryneliss began healing people and helping them exit to safety.  At some point the crazy bard hit the Mephite with a telekinetic projectile, I’m not sure if it was on purpose of by accident, and the Mephite fell to the floor and was no longer moving. 

As a group, we evacuated as many town folks as we could while ingesting the dark smokey plumes before the fire became overwhelming.  Because of our bravery, only 4 townsfolk were left to burn.  Lucylle the Rogue was instrumental in organizing the townsfolk into a water brigade which probably saved the rest of the town as the fire could no longer spread. 

After everyone was outside the council was enraged at the events that had happened.  They needed a hardy group of adventures to figure out what happened and also what happened to the goblins.  I of course stepped forward and volunteered to lead a group.  The Twins, Robin (unfortunately), Aery, and Lucylle quickly volunteered to aid me.  We settled on a paltry sum of 10 gold to cover expenses and off we went to see what mysteries awaited.

Thus was born one of the most epic adventuring groups of all time. 

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  • 2020-11-01 01:56

The Twins are very disgruntled about not being able to land a decisive blow, the fury that burns inside of them will probably last a lifetime. You will never be able to tell however because there faces, just like there speech, is monotone and deadpan. 

So ready for the next "scroll" 

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  • 2020-10-31 12:38

I wish I had the time to join you guys in this, seems like you all had a great time! Maybe for a future session.