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  • 2020-12-04 14:17

December 3rd 2020 Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Patch Notes

Disclaimer #1. Nothing new here. Just relaying the audio notes from the recent Dev stream video

Disclaimer #2. These are not all the patch notes, just some of what the VR Team considered interesting for us.

Disclaimer #3. This blog is neither associated with, nor employed by, Visionary Realms.

Stream Recap: 

In this stream Jared Pullen took us through a ton of different monsters.  From the small "messenger" bird (cowled glasswood) to the buoyant gas bat .. all the way to the giant sky grazer.  While describing the Sky Grazer, Jared also paid tribute to the recently deceased Kurt "Molad" Habetler, who was a part of the VR team and will be missed by us all.  After that Joppa and Saicred took us through some live gameplay of the most up to date PA 5 Build.  They showcased the climate system as they were in a frozen area of the world.  There was both a debuff and a movement slow that went along with the frigid effect for this climate.  Saicred talked about how he was tuning the mobs that are in Pantheon Rise of the Fallen, and how there are mobs for solo, mobs for small groups, and mobs designed for a full group (dungeon).  Last but not least there were patch notes!

Patch Notes:

Newest dungeon in the works, currently known as Manglerock.  This dungeon should "push the boundaries of the Pantheon experience".  Worked on by Convo and Tourke 

Lots of class, mob, stat, and item balancing by Saicred. 

Refactored trading system is in the game.  Players in PA can now trade items and currency. 

Good progress on our world item system.  More items are on the ground.  You may find rare items on the ground.

Revamped the door and key system.  Basic locks, lockpicking, enigmatic locks, and arcane locks are all part of the plan.

Freshening up of the Sleeper and Gnashura boss fights.  They are now back in "working" shape after the refactoring.

Acclimation UI is fully hooked up.  Acclimation is back in the UI window and also you are able to use glyphs.  First toxic climate is coming online soon.

Animations are being added and polished constantly.  Hovering animations added.  

Status animations added for NPCs and Players:  Lying down, sitting down, cowering in fear, stunned, electrocuted, knocked back, knocked down, and mezmerized.

Not only will you see NPCs with a debuff icon.  You will also see them "lying on the ground if they get knocked down".

Enchanter class came online and will be available for PA5.