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  • 2021-10-01 14:22

Precious little history has been written of the Archai, for they are a people whose time has been stolen from them. In this aspect we Elven folk are fortunate, for while we fled and fought for a time, it was always to defend ourselves, under our own directive.

The Archai were desecrated and re-wrought into slaves.

They fought for another, a wicked being no Archai I could find would (or could?) speak at length on, a named Celestial Lord. Nay, you ask any of these humble folk what they would share of their history, and they would have you celebrate their victories with them. They would regale you with songs of war and freedom and love and victory. The Elven people, by contrast, prefer somber reflection and complete accounts of matters historical. Nothing at all like the Archai's front-facing societal drive.

Perhaps the drive is to move away from the past, where the Elven attitude would have one mourning the past? A racial “good riddance” to the days of being a slave? I suppose if it is that, 'tis understandable.

Their people's desecration, in any case, granted them abilities differing from the forms of pure magical energy they once were, in a time lost to the setting of a thousand suns. Their pure, yet weak, arcane cores acclimate to the region of their home, Roa, they were created in, and so thusly we have today the many flavor of Archai that exist. I have seen fire, fumes, waters, and even sparkling gemstones infused into the patterns on an Archai's skin. Indeed, any skin art I have seen pales in comparison to these glorious living works.

I would salute their creator, had I not just written of how wicked he was. Perhaps 'tis better to praise nature for letting her beauty shine through where great evil was being done. Something of the Archai's tale of long suffering and celebration of victory with a front facing attitude and the support of the elements themselves. In fact, thinking more on it, I question my acceptance of their enslavement with a wave of my hand. What if they had not been destroyed? What if the Elven people had? I question once more what must be on the other shards of S’iolaen that no doubt landed somewhere. Are they now half devil, half Elf? Are they now slaves? Do we have any obligation to free a people who brought their misfortune on their own heads? Must a people suffer for their being mis-managed? I don't think that sounds very fair minded, but oppressors and demons alike don't have a reputation for being fair minded. I think that the Archai would certainly agree.

I would like to one day visit their home of Su'Roa. Their so named “Little Home” contains a multitude of dangers and – I wouldn't hesitate to assert – no small amount of culture of the now and the future.

In particular I would like to visit their school of wizardry, or at least have the chance to speak with an experienced Archai wizard, once I have the level of knowledge where I'd be able to converse in a productive, intelligent manner with someone whose pool of knowledge is arguably far deeper than my own, at least on the matter of channeling the elements.

I find these Archai remarkable in contrast with the Halflings. Where the smaller folk won their freedom from the Wraith with an act of clever bargaining and wit, the Archai banded together, rose up, and defeated their captors through a spirit of cultural unity seen only in the greater races of this Terminus.

I speak, of course, of the Elves. Not the Dark Myr, who hide, wounded, though their wizardry is renowned. Nor of the Ogre, who squat in caves eating mushrooms.

Perhaps the Gnomes.

In any case, what I can find of the Archai and what I can dredge up with my own social talents stops here. I look forward to the day when I can strike forth on my own, prepared for any dangers this world has to offer, and seek out more information on the histories of this Terminus.

And then, dear Journal, I will share it all with you. Until that day, though, I remain,

Yours Sincerely,

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