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  • 2022-12-28 23:13

Would you sacrifice yourself so others could live?  Would you sacrifice your desires so others could have theirs?  Could you be content in getting nothing you have striven for?  Such is the case with a tragic hero.  The old addage "Someone's gotta do it" marks the calling of a life of service.  And it is usually not something to stand in line for, it is thrust upon you.  Making the hard choices is hard, yes, but I would like to believe that given the choice of selfishness and selflessness, most people would at least aspire to the second one.  

I guess it is fitting that this chapter comes around the holiday season when we are all aspiring to be a little less selfish.  So, merry Christmas and happy New Year to all the Fantheons out there.  Make someone's season bright.

Amensol's Focus: Bitter Night, Scorching Day (Chapter 13)