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  • 2021-04-05 14:48

The Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Dungeon Group Draft is approaching fast and YOU need to get prepared.  I've been working hard to provide both my offical team scouting reports (revealed on draft day) and also my Mock Draft which should set the standard for how the teams will see the availible draftees.  As you remember from the 2020 draft it was pure chaos, I blame myself mostly because  P+ and myself didn't get my contract signed until after the draft was over.  This year draft however will be smooth sailing and I expect to be 80 - 90% correct with maybe one or two surprise picks.  I will only predict the first round because as we know from last year things will get crazy.

For many of these draftees this will be the highlight of their life.  Being drafted in the first overal comes with a huge signing bonus and fame and fortune for years to come.  Will they be signed with a team they like?  Will they be able to get along with the other members of their group?  How big will their contract be?  Who will fall and who will rise from last years draft?

P+ 2020 Dungeon Group Draft

Before we get started lets talk draft order.  This year we have an expantion team.  VR dug deep and paid the 4.2 billion dollars (in monopoly money) needed to have a seat at the table.  So this year we will have 5 teams instead of 4.  Who will be intrusted with the General Manager duties of selecting their picks, we don't know yet.  STAY TUNED!  Also as you probably already know Team Captain Militus after "standing in fire" for to long has decided to retired.  Militus will be replaced by rookie head coach Draq Attack who could be a young "Bill Belichick" in the making.  It's shaping up to be an exciting year.  As usual the community will vote on the pick order (make sure to watch for the poll ... coming soon).  My predicition for that vote/draft order will be.

#1.  Community (they love to give themselves the first pick)
#2.  Nathan Napalm (I'm pretty sure he's paying people to vote for him)
#3.  VR (Everyone loves the Devs)
#4.  Minus (Transmog and cash shops are keeping him with a lower pick)
#5.  Draq (no one trusts the rookie coach)


Last year Team Community went angry and went angry in a big way.  After not making the playoffs, I talked to Team Community General Manager Breakout and while he wouldn't give me the exact pick he wanted, he did tell me it will be a completly different stratagy from the community this year.  My prediction is that the Community goes back to basics and select a high profile leader as there first selection.  Joppa is the face of the Pantheon Rise of the Fallen and the obvious #1 choice.  I see Team Community not rocking the boat this year and taking Joppa as the easy and safe #1 overall pick.

Nathan is all about having fun with his Dungeon Draft group mates and who is more fun than Roenick.  In last years draft he was highly sought after and I think this year Nathan wants to make sure that he is on his team again this year and will use his first pick to lock him down.  The question will be what class he will play as Roenick has not completly locked into a class yet.  Roenick might have even been the #1 overall pick except for the amount of deaths he typically has on a dungeon runs.


This pick heavily depends on who is drafting (which we don't know yet).  My prediction is that VR sees that the first two picks were Devs and so they zig instead of zag and go with Cohh Carnage.  Pantheon Rise of the Fallen owes so much to Cohh for his early promotion of Pantheon and a first pick seems like a great way to to show their appreciation.  Plus Cohh is the only warrior on the board and I have inside information that having a warrior in the VR group is key to their overall stratagy.  


We all know Minus loves playing rogues.  We know all that Minus is pretty good at playing rogues.  So will it really be a surprise to anyone if Minus drafts himself first overall in the 2021 Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Dungeon Group Draft (just like he did last year)?  Only Minus (of all the team owners) has the gravitas to pick himself as the first pick two years in a row.  In my mock draft, I'm predicting that he does exactly that. The draft crowd might jeer him, but he'll  be laughing all the way to the Pantheon Hall of Fame a few years down the road.

Draq is the real wildcard in this draft.  No one knows what he's going to do.  What we do know is that he'll be a short leash so he better not screw this pick up or he won't be invited back.  I'm guessing like the community Draq will play it somewhat safe and not make a controversial pick.  Luckily for me, I've interviewed some of his former group members and obtained this insider information.  Draq hates reading lore text.  HATES IT.  He much prefers to have someone in his group that reads and summarizes it for him.  For that reason, I'm projecting Draq to select Therek as his first pick in the 2021 Pantheon Dungeon Group Draft.

So that's my mock draft and what I think is going to happen but really who am I?  I'm just a guy who does football mock drafts ... I don't know anything about Pantheon Rise of the Fallen.  Your opinion is probably a lot more accurate than mine will ever be.  So make sure to let us know in the comments who your top 5 draft picks would be.   Even better, you can create an article and list out your mock draft using the images below.  Most importantly, I want to make sure you join us April 15th as Pantheon Plus hosts the real 2021 Pantheon Dungeon Group Draft because you don't want to be the guy kicking yourself because all your friends are talking about it the next day spoiling it before you had a chance to watch the VOD.  


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  • 3 days ago (Wed 07 21:37)

Good grief, Mel.  You're so wrong:

#1. Community (for reasons above) - Joppa (not for anything romantic, they don't have any idea what he does, but people hear his name mentioned a lot)

#2. VR (the community is staying on their good side to see A1 happen this calendar year) - Kilsin (they can't play favorites with the community at large, but they can pander to the community by picking their mediator who is popular with the fans.  They'll need the extra support when they announce they won't deliver A1 until 2023)

#3. Minus (actually had the last pick due to transmog and cash shops, but traded NathanNapalm his first and second picks for Nathan's spot at 3 for...) - Minus (he didn't want to risk playing for anyone else and figures he doesn't need 6 picks and can play DPS and CC and run the dungeon with 5)

#4. Draq (would have gone probably second pick, but too many people couldn't spell his name correctly, so the ballots were thrown out) - Roenick (What? He's still on the board??? Draq snatches up the famed Roenick to win the hearts of the masses to ensure he makes it to next year's draft)

#5. Nathan Napalm (Armed with Picks 5, 8, and 10, he's sitting pretty knowing he will have one person on the bench who can try to find the super obvious key in Fort Deviare for him while the dungeon run is going on.  All he needs is...) - Kyle (He not only gets his healer pick early to lock it up, but also the only solid choice who knows how to cheat the game or can rewrite the code to give him the edge)

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  • 5 days ago (Mon 05 16:50)

This is hilarious and I can't wait. Also can't wait to see who is representing the VR team. :)

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  • 5 days ago (Mon 05 15:38)

Nice write-up Draq. Can't wait to see how this year's chaos manages to top last year.