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  • 2022-06-02 13:10

Greetings ever-growing Fantheons,

Lore+, as we in the alumni of Pantheon Fan Fiction have described our work, has been one of the consistent pieces of the Pantheon community since I arrived on the forums in 2017, regardless of the amount of progress within Visionary Realms.  Some talented writers have come and gone over the years, but the quest to stretch the knowledge base of the Pantheon community has been the foundation upon which all of the Fan Fic community has built.  They add to your understanding of the events and places, heroes and villains, and eqic artifacts that will one day grace the world of Terminus through intriguing stories of many kinds.  They describe races and classes, skills, abilities, racial passives without the use of tables or charts, and give you the essence of what it is like to live in this fantastic world.

I personally attribute the drive and success of Lore+ to the naturally historical prose of JN Gerhart, using many mediums within written word (historian essays, eye witness accounts, personal correspondence, etc.).  This style lends itself to being open-ended, a tale told by a fallible person's point of view, and not an all-knowing narrator declaring what is so.  This is an invitation to find out what is true and what is not for yourself, if you have the fortitude to search it out.

For this gift we have been given in the Lore+ community, I say thanks to the members of the VR crew who have made it possible for us to enjoy this world you are making, even without ever setting digital foot on Terminus..

One more shout out to Crowsinger, a highly creative and pleasant person whom we have watched foster her love of prose and portraits over the last couple years.  Her completion of 'In The Sway Of Storms', an enormous undertaking for amateur authors as we are, is remarkable and enjoyable and has added to the anticipation of setting foot in this world.  Congrats, Crow!

Below is a link to the PDF of my latest chapter.  It is in the format it is intended to be, not constrained by the limited creativity of a web-based word processor.  I hope you enjoy.  Let me know if this format is more burdensome and inefficient than dropping the text in a text box on the forum. I would really appreciate the feedback as this story will end up in a leatherbound book once it is completed.  Thanks everyone for caring enough to read our tales.



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