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  • 2022-11-02 20:25

The time has come.  The Stone of Power left by the Celestials in the hands of the giants is bringing out the worst in all factions.  Humans lust for power; orcs are blinded by revenge.  Peace and contentment may only be reached by fear of mutual destruction, and the balance of power swings like a pebble on a string.

Writer's Note:  Is there any righteousness in a soldier carrying out his orders if he knows not if they're  wrong?  Is there something wicked about a pure act done with evil intentions?  Life is messy, said everyone everywhere.  There's no difference if it is IRL or from a fictitious story.  Strive for peace and contentment, through diplomacy or war, and you will very often be right.

For those that read this story,  and in particular this chapter, I hope you think about the state of each individual and whether they are in the right or wrong.  If it is confusing, then I hope you take that as a good sign.  Those with no empathy, no regard for another's situation will always jump to conclusions.  Only through understanding our neighbor can we best serve them, and through that, serve ourselves as well.  Sincerely, in the words of the wise philosopher of our time, NathanNapalm, God bless and happy reading.

Chapter 12: Bloodlust   

Three more chapters to come.