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  • 2021-01-11 09:58

Disclaimer #1. Nothing new here. Just condensing the audio from recent Cohh Carnage Stream and P+ U Episode
Disclaimer #2. Draq is neither associated with, nor employed by, Visionary Realms.  
Disclaimer #3.  Sometimes Draq misspells things ... 


Cohh Stream

P+ U Stream

Cohh Live Stream Recap

Ben Dean started off by explaining that they would be playing a dungeon in an evaluator build that might be offered to potential investors or publishers.  The dungeon includes most if not all of the game systems from Pantheon Rise of the Fallen.  Cohh played a level 20 rogue.  He was allowed to explore alone to start and then joined up with Ben (Dire Lord) and Joppa (Shaman).  Cohh immediately noticed that there was "so much stuff to click on" and investigate.  This included several books of lore which should give Therek lots to talk about soon (11:10).  

After doing a few fetch quests Cohh made his way to the practice area where he got his skills (24:20).  Cohh also spent some mastery points (into backstab) and equipped himself with some basic weapons and armor.  Cohh also got a glyph which was used later to fend off the poison in the area they were adventuring in.  After some climbing adventures Cohh met up with Joppa who showed him an area with more items and a forge and our very first look at the crafting system in Pantheon Rise of the Fallen (58:10).  

At the 60 minute mark Cohh finally joins up with Ben and Joppa to form a group.  The first mobs they encountered were spiders.  One spider was normal and attacked Cohh.  One spider was pyrophobic and was afraid of the torch that Cohh was holding.  This was a great display of the mob disposition system.  It was also a nice touch that you couldn't go into stealth mode as a rogue while holding a torch.  A little bit after this Cohh learned about alchemy and poisoned both his weapons (1:14:20).  

After killing more mobs Cohh got an ability upgrade drop.  Brutal Gash which replaced and upgraded the Gash skill.  Joppa commented that upgrading a skill (1:23:20) upgrades damage and also might unlock sub components to that skill.  Next the group finds Sedara Khitz who explains a long backstory of why they needed to kill the Azure Queen (1:29:20).  Next the group kills a mini boss and discovers an eye that is lootable (1:46:14)  which displays the artifact system (special items that give effects).  The eyeball once equipped made you float and granted you "clear sight".

Last but not least our courageous group fights the Azure Queen (1:51:31).  The Queen spawned adds and at one point almost overwhelmed the group.  She had several different spells she cast including one that trapped Cohh in a "black hole".  Our heroes did manage to pull out the win and down the Queen which was a pretty stellar moment which ended the live stream.  Cohh ended the stream being very excited about the progress the game has made and asking "when can we do this again?".  Ben said they'd have to set aside a few days to test .... we can all only hope.



P+U Live Stream Recap

Pantheon Plus U 51 is a community show where Minus and Therek review Cohh stream with the community.  Therek started off with the notes that he took.  Both Minus and Therek commented about how there was a TON of content that they revealed in this stream.  Other things that stood out from the stream for them were sound and lighting.  They also noted that "tasks" don't give exp.  Exp is only gained by killing things.  Both felt that after watching the stream that Pantheon is in a great place.

1st Guest - 51:00 - DMHarms - Talked about Rogue Class how that was displayed in the tutorial.  

2nd Guest - 1:02:00 - OldWarGoat - Talked about progress and how more people will want to play Pantheon now.  Also discussed dispositions, acclimation, and crafting.

3rd Guest - 1:08:28 - Hoiyay - Talked about the stream over delivered because the grey boxing was gone and they had a polished area.

4th Guest - 1:13:55 - Brian Reck - Talked about how the stream put together previous pieces into a whole picture.  Disappointed about no summoner info.

5th Guest - 1:21:49 - Galath - Talked about crafting and how Nephele's post on the official forums matched up with what we saw in the stream.  

6th Guest - 1:28:00 - Sneakyb4rd - Talked about Rogue Stealth

7th Guest - 1:32:26 - Valheru - Talks about how the Devs listen to the community and also Rogue skills and progression.

8th Guest - 1:38:30 - Esinem - Talks about how the entire game came together in the stream.  He is no longer a skeptic.

Chris "Joppa" Perkins Calls In To P+U - 1:43:52

Joppa starts off by praising the VR Devs and the hard work that has got them this far.  

What is the next class coming down the pipe?  Monk and then followed possibly by Ranger

Will you being doing a run through with this environment/adventure in future streams?  Yes we will be seeing more of this

How much work does it take to turn greybox into the finished product?  As the tools get better, the faster the team can transition graphics.  Also character models are slower than landscape.

What was Joppa's favorite moment on the stream?  Seeing Cohh's joy at there being so much to explore.  

If you snuck into the storeroom could you pick up the food?  Yes

Did you use dev commands to get through the boss?  Joppa didn't.  Ben possibly did.  

Is there still plans for PVP?  Still planning on having PVP specific servers.  No esports.

Do you still have a big hand in the Pantheon Audio?  Yes still Joppa until someone else is hired.


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  • 2021-01-11 11:44

Great summation of a really fun few hours. This was the most immersed many of us have had a chance to get into Pantheon. I, as a former skeptic, could not have been happier with the look and feel of the game.