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  • 2021-02-03 17:45

I know, I’m the one who usually is poking at everyone, asking questions, or giving out my opinions about everything that is crafting. This time, boys and girls… (and well, I guess it’s time we include the “furries” too), this time my post is about roleplaying in MMORPGs. 

First and foremost let me start this off by saying what roleplaying means in the MMORPG worlds. No, this does not include “cyb0rz” or eRP. If you’re looking for the 18+ kind of roleplaying, go behind that curtain in the movie rental places. Well, you used to be able to before they all shut down anyway! The point being here is just to leave eRP out of this discussion, please, and thank you.

Roleplaying can be about your character’s gender, race, or class. Is your character a male or female? Are they a ratkin, an elf, or an ogre? Maybe it’s a Shaman, Direlord, or Wizard? Don’t limit yourself to what you think your character has to be! Close your eyes and feel what you think your character would be like. Is the character shy? Loud and silly? Maybe he’s a small race character with a huge hunger for violence. Could be she’s a massive ogre who loves to wear pink and has a pet mouse.

All I’m saying here is, let loose. Let your character not just be you. Let your character be one aspect of you. Let that avatar on the screen be what you wish you are out in the “real world.” If you wish you could be the life of the party, but you’re timid irl then be it! If you are craving a little peace and quiet, sit in the tavern and chit chat with patrons as they come and go. Be sociable. Be someone who loves the battles of PvP.

Don’t just be you. Be the you that you want to be.


The Cleric to avoid

From a distance, all you see is her long white hair, dark skin, and a deep dark cloak, matching her plate armor. What you don’t know about her is what others have learned about her through tales of her battles throughout Norrath. The stories are spoken in whispers and never in her presence. It is the fear of her that holds their tongues.

She’s a dark elf Cleric and though it’s her job to keep everyone alive, healed, and buffed during fights, she often chooses not to. This cleric believes in the power of fear. It is others’ fear that she expects, wants, and deserves. Others' fear of her is far superior to respect in her mind.

Kay has no family. She was not born or raised as someone’s sweet child. She was not mistreated by another, bruising her ego and in reflection, making her a horrible being. Kay simply came into being one day. It has always been her belief that tanks and those who fight the danger in front of her, had better do their jobs! Men are nothing but a playtoy, something to be used for whatever purposes she deems important at that moment, and they are quickly discarded. Oddly, or perhaps in addition to, Kay has no interest in females. High Elves and Half-Elves are perhaps at the top of her level of disgust when it comes to the other races but generally she disdains them all, across the board.

Crafting abilities are beneath her. When Kay needs something crafted, there is always some poor soul who is willing to do her bidding for a little coin (or not to be killed for looking at her wrong!). To be a crafter means that one must work with their hands. To be a crafter, one must work! Any sort of work is simply not something that Kay feels she should do. Nor has she ever wanted to. This woman has never studied at the feet of a Cleric master. She’s never read and trained to better her skills in healing. Who else is better than herself to teach her? No one. Being Tier`Dal, Kay knows her place in the world. She is at the top of it, and no one and certainly, no work can topple her from it.

There isn’t another cleric in the realms of Norrath that can best her. Those who’ve tried, usually find an "accident" by falling off a cliff, or running straight into a pack of rabid wolves. Nor can others gain her trust and try to win the Tier` Dal female. It has been told that once in the middle of a harsh battle, she simply nodded her head. No one knew why, assuming it was some inner thought as she was about to act. While paying attention to her, the crowd did not see the male Halfling rogue quickly dart out, backstabbed the Ogre Shadowknight and ran off into the distance. To all watching, Kay had won the battle! Even though some in her position would thank the rogue for his un-asked for assistance, she slayed him in his sleep later that eve. No thanks were given, no chance for the halfling to beg for his life. She simply bashed his head in with her weighted hammer.


That, my friends, is the story of Mistress Kayanaa K'hastrator. Remember that I have warned you of her. Be wary.


~ Mayeia

She of the Crafted Heart <3


A few of my creations-

Female Dark Elven cleric with a penchant for male humiliation, (Kay)

Female Kerran Provisioner, owned as a pet by another of my characters

Female High Elven Enchantress with no ill will against anyone, including the mobs. "Love them all", she'd say.

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  • 2021-02-04 14:42

Well said, until you started murdering newb rogues in their sleep.  Can't trust a stinkin' Tier'Dal; the stereotypes are true...

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