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  • 2021-07-09 18:51



Hi everyone! My name is Quest and I have been following Pantheon since day one. I'm an amateur artist who is quite rusty but I am inspired by Pantheon.

This is from one of the latest gameplay videos we saw this giant eye in the middle of the room (if I recall correctly it held some sort of key). The visual of the eye with the strong color contrast created a beautiful balance of color. I truly hope Pantheon has more hidden gems like this!

I plan on doing more Fan Art as the game progresses. Let me know if you like this and want more!

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  • 15 days ago (Fri 09 23:48)

That looks great! I remember this room from the video

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  • 15 days ago (Fri 09 18:59)

Loved it.  I wish I could draw.  Keep it coming!!!