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  • 2022-12-19 18:21

Conspiracy Theory 9: Luckson to Leon to Thronefast’s Bane

The Keepers, self-proclaimed historians of Terminus, have been dominated by humans for far too long.  This has led to a corrupting of the histories they record to differing extents.  Festus of High Brace was called out by one of his own for being egregiously false in his recordings for wealth and political clout.  Others have been scared into disinforming their people, to the point of some Keepers meeting untimely and suspicious deaths, also pointed out by other Keepers.  It is a sad state, indeed.

One of the most egregious is the quashing of any history that turns a bad eye to the rulers of Thronefast.  It was so bad that the only record of an evil king was one that could not possibly be redeemed, a worshipper of Ulthiros who went insane.  Needless to say, anyone who challenges the throne is not favorably viewed.  Thus is the case with E’mani Karos.

Now, I know that many have heard that the guardians of Black Rose Keep are wicked and must be suppressed for the good of the kingdom but this can not possibly be true.  The case against it is much too strong.  Let us now lay it out.

Firstly, E’mani Karos, the leader of Black Rose Keep and his Black Rose militia was himself an esteemed stalwart of Thronefast’s dominion.  He had a very humble upbringing and rose to prestige through his courage and tenacity on the field of battle.  He was a leader through the tamping down of the Gadai bandits and the tragic battle on the plains of Azeris a decade ago.  He was admired by his peers, the crown, and by the public.  This all changed shortly after the rise to power of Queen Amenthiel, ancestor of original King Amensol and his son Avendyr.  And for reasons still kept secret, he was branded a traitor and fled for his life from his own brothers-in-arms.

The forces of Black Rose Keep mainly consist of ex-patriots who once served in the military in Thronefast and now have been eradicated from their homes in Avalia in the Foreland of the capitol city by the nobility that now run the area.  These brave heroes risked their lives, many living through the Battle at Azeris and carrying scars, only to be abandoned once their usefulness was deemed expired.  Any governor who demonizes the armed forces who protect and serve them is not worthy of their governorship.

These forces do not endanger those citizens living in the valleys of Avendyr’s Pass.  Their recruitment of the general population alone shows this.  It is the fixation on the merchants owned and operated by the nobility of the Foreland who draw their ire.  The most despicable noble house in recent history, House Sevil, were banished and executed for their lust for power while operating the Foreland’s mining and trade.  It led to not one but two of their manors being emptied and condemned by the State.  Yes, the very Luckson Estate which now houses E’mani Karos’ Black Rose militia was one of these.  Now, we see the same telltale signs with the new governors of the area: heavier involvement in trade and immigration, the driving out of the ex-soldiers loyal to Thronefast’s citizens, and the ever increasing wealth of the family while posted there.  The fact that someone like Karos is fighting against this monopoly of power over trade in the valley is only natural.

In the absence of facts, one is left to deduce the intents of Queen Amenthiel and E’mani Karos. First we turn to the Queen.  Amenthiel came to power when the prior king and her husband were both killed in the Battle at Azeris.  Many other nobles were killed during the same battle.  The Queen has, since her coronation, verbally stated her goals of bringing the nation back to the glory of her ancestor, Avendyr.  He was know for increasing the wealth and influence of Thronefast without leaving any signs as to how.  Shortly after the Deicide War, of which his father and he both met several defeats until they were saved in the end by others, he was able to amass great wealth and enter into trade and political accords with many nations, after abandoning the area where humans had settled and instead driving the orcs from their ancestral land and claiming it for his own.  Queen Amenthiel appeals to this as a model of a successful monarch.  During her reign, she has already begun overtaking other lands and claiming them for the kingdom, the most notable example being the Azure Isles and Fortress Deviare.  The wealthy landowners made their way in these harsh environments outside of the boundaries of Thronefast until she decided they were better suited under her dominion.  She also suspiciously labeled E’mani Karos a traitor with no reasons for the charges being publicly released.  She placed new nobles in charge of the lands and offices of Thronefast, ones who were now loyal to her (or agreed to ride her coattails).

Finally, judge for yourself the intentions of E’mani Karos based on his fruit.  He welcomes those who are disparaged by the crown into his fold.  He fights against the corrupt politicians living in Thronefast and against the power and wealth they try to grab for themselves.  And, while the crest of Thronefast has for centuries been the great Lion’s head.  It symbolizes the tenacity and ferocity of the humans from the world of Vas Demith.  In his undying loyalty to the people of Thronefast, his keep was renamed from Luckson Estate to Keep Leon.  Now, some might say that it is for his love that he renamed the keep, Lady Leon.  But, it is precisely for that reason we see this for what it is.  There are still allies to his cause within Thronefast itself, including the noble house of Leon.  Let’s not also overlook the fact that he has moved on from the serious wars and loss to find renewed love, even in his banished state.  Queen Amenthiel, on the other hand, still maintains a bitter loneliness in the midst of her great power and so-called influence.

For all these reasons and more, it is easy to surmise the truth of E’mani Karos and his Black Rose militia.  Will you ride out to meet them on the field of battle?  Or will you join the ever growing assortment of Thronefastians maligned and angered by the current regime of Queen Amenthiel?  We can and must overthrow the Queen.


Leader of the Resistance Against the Corrupt House of Amensol