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8 hours ago
As a heads up for content next week - I'll be on a work trip for the middle of the week. Depending how tomorrow goes that means I'll either have content up early, or a couple days later than normal. I'll update as I get closer to travel.
2 days ago
Had fun with a stream of @albiononline last night with some awesome @PantheonMMO fans hanging out and talking about MMORPGs. We had a few discussions around DPS meters, as they were a hot topic over the last 24 hours. Really enjoying Albion atm.
2 days ago
Hopping online with @albiononline for a few hours. Going to work on crafting and gathering a bit, and see what kind of trouble i can get into! Come hang out and chat - as always, @PantheonMMO is the topic of choice as we talk about MMORPGs and different things we love about them.
3 days ago
It's here @PantheonMMO fans! Our take on the Dark Myr, a race birthed into Terminus through tragedy and rage. Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments. Are you going to play a Dark Myr?
4 days ago
Hey @PantheonMMO fans, how about we put our Dark Myr video out tonight instead of tomorrow? Editing is almost done, expect it later tonight. This one was requested to be next by a few Reddit members, and it was fun to make! The Dark Myr are shaped heavily by their dark past. PantheonPlus photo
4 days ago
Plans for community game night is to do a little bit of Monster Hunter World for the next few weeks. Outside of that we are looking at another cards against humanity night, and a possible long term play cycle of @albiononline - more info to come. I've REALLY been enjoying Albion. PantheonPlus photo

At PantheonPlus, we believe quite simply that the Pantheon team is out to break the current trends of MMORPGS which end up failing because they attempt to appease everyone, while at the same time alienating a large portion of their base. This MMORPG is being made with purpose, for a particular player-base, and this simple direction protects the core values of the development team. This means we know what we are getting with Pantheon before we begin playing. This is a massive PVE world, focused on cooperation, with difficult challenges that will not simply be steamrolled over. You’ll have to be aware of your world, the players around you, and your ability to support the community in a positive way will have impactful meaning.

Our goal is to get the word out to all those that have been craving a game like this, and help generate excitement while being a helpful part of the community.