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Thanks to everyone for coming out and being a part of PantheonPlusYou EP30 - where we talked support classes. Here's what the white board looked like - what would you add to the board? How important is this new support role in @PantheonMMO ? PantheonPlus photo

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At PantheonPlus, we believe quite simply that the Pantheon team is out to break the current trends of MMORPGS which end up failing because they attempt to appease everyone, while at the same time alienating a large portion of their base. This MMORPG is being made with purpose, for a particular player-base, and this simple direction protects the core values of the development team. This means we know what we are getting with Pantheon before we begin playing. This is a massive PVE world, focused on cooperation, with difficult challenges that will not simply be steamrolled over. You’ll have to be aware of your world, the players around you, and your ability to support the community in a positive way will have impactful meaning.

Our goal is to get the word out to all those that have been craving a game like this, and help generate excitement while being a helpful part of the community.

In Memory of Brad “Aradune” McQuaid

April 25th, 1969 – November 18th, 2019